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Underserved and At Risk

No organization is too small for a cyber criminal.

It is clear that ransomware and cyber attacks are on the rise across every industry vertical and municipalities are not exempt from this risk. Within the last four years multiple municipalities across Ontario and Canada wide, have been targeted by bad actors. From unsuspecting phishing attacks, social engineering, stolen PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and funds, to attacks across the municipal network holding the organization hostage until the ransom is paid.

Having a set of cyber security protocols is nice, however if they are not monitored, updated, and tested regularly they are essentially mute when an attacker strikes. Municipal workers can only do so much to ensure they are staying safe online when their network and IT infrastructure is not up to date.

Unfortunately, because municipalities handle sensitive data and large sums of money they are at a higher risk of cyber attacks from every angle. Municipal workers do not only have to be on guard when using their email and other forms of digital communication to prevent unsuspecting phishing attacks and social engineering, but they also need to ensure their network and IT infrastructure is secure and reliable.

Due to decreased funding, location, lack of IT infrastructure, and a lack of IT support, certain municipalities are at an increased risk of being hit with ransomware.

No organization is too small for a cyber criminal.

Here are some ways municipalities can improve their cyber security practices:

  • Cyber training and education for all municipal team members

  • Conduct an IT Infrastructure Assessment - Understand what makes your municipality vulnerable in order to improve

  • Sharing a virtual Transformational CIO program with a neighbouring municipality - this will cut cost without cutting services and IT expertise

Want to get a clearer understanding of your organization’s IT Infrastructure? Take our survey to learn more.

Jaclyn Lott

Channel Partner

Edgeworx Solutions

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