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IT Assessments


Identify, understand and evaluate your digital environment with an in-depth IT assessment.   Use our self-evaluation surveys to begin asking yourself the right questions. We can help you use your answers to make informed decisions about effective digital transformation.

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IT Infrastructure Assessments

An Edgeworx IT Infrastructure Assessment is an in-depth analysis of all data, systems, and procedures in your IT environment. Our assessment is meant to help you understand and evaluate the state of your existing IT infrastructure, letting you decide whether you're getting your money's worth from your technology.  Identifying and prioritizing critical areas for improvement is the first step in effective, proactive IT strategic planning.


Begin an evaluation of your own information technology position with the help of a few directed questions about your IT environment.  Choose to Submit your answers if you'd like our infrastructure specialists to present you with some relevant options for ensuring your critical systems and data remain robust, resilient and secure.


Self Evaluation Tool

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Cyber Security Assessments

Build a security-aware culture in your workplace. Consider these fundamental components of preparedness:

Self Evaluation Tool

  • People:  Empower employees to become active members of the risk reduction team with tailored education and training.

  • Processes:  Use leading-edge cyber intelligence platforms that combine BIG data, syslogs, AD/LDAP, DPI, real-time traffic inspection, endpoint monitoring, and intuitive analytics into a single, comprehensive solution.

  • Technology:  Leverage proven technologies for 24/7 systems monitoring, hunting adversaries and automating timely response actions.

Security Equipment

Evaluate your own cyber security position with the help of a few directed survey questions. Choose to Submit your answers if you'd like our security specialists to help you create a plan to safeguard sensitive data and costly technology.


Microsoft365 and Azure AD Best Practices Audit

In the fluid, shifting world of cyber risk mitigation, it makes sense that industry best-practices are subject to frequent change. Often this means that key enterprise solutions such as Microsoft365 and Azure need regular tuning to take advantage of the most current security, compliance and threat protection capabilities.  Consider annual Edgeworx Microsoft365 Best Practice Assessments as a way to stay current, satisfy regulatory and cyber security requirements, and address changing business needs.

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