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Municipal Governments

Edgeworx has experience helping municipal IT managers successfully navigate the complex technological landscape that connects councils, staff and residents.  Our services can be engaged in an as-needed or as-a-service capacity, depending on your requirements:


Increasingly, we find ourselves working with municipalities in as-a-service roles that fill gaps in key IT management.  We provide comprehensive IT Strategic Planning services that municipalities need to align costly investments in technology with organizational strategic objectives.


If you find yourself working without the benefit of a qualified CIO providing critical IT oversight, Edgeworx Transformational CIO Services might be right for you.  

Highly qualified IT professionals able to define business priorities, identify new technologies, plan budgets, think long-term and strategize at a corporate level are in short supply.  Let us know how we can help.

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Our Municipal Clients

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Encouraging words...

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"The Town of Espanola released an RFP  to review the Town's  technology infrastructure from a design perspective, quality of  service, adherence to market best practices and organizational structure as it related to IT.  Edgeworx Solutions won the bid to undertake the assessment due to their experience and their methodical and comprehensive approach towards IT strategy development.

The Edgeworx assessment of the Town’s Information Technology environment was detailed and also provided 5-year technology investment recommendations for the long-term requirements of  the Town of Espanola. Edgeworx's professionalism and expertise made for an excellent working relationship.
I would like to thank the Edgeworx team for providing a comprehensive and articulate strategy that the Town of Espanola will be leaning on in the years to come.  Well  done team!

Allan Hewitt, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Espanola

Challenges for Municipalities

Our team works with municipal managers, staff and stakeholders to understand the strategic and practical IT challenges faced by municipal governments.  We've identified some critical concerns that you may be faced with in your own environment:

  • Cybersecurity threats are real.

  • Old infrastructure hinders you from moving forward with current technology.

  • Lack of bandwidth inhibits the deployment of needed high-speed digital solutions.

  • Paper based documentation stands in the way of digitized document storage and workflows.

  • Minimal investment in GIS technology limits effective digital systems integration.

  • Disaster recovery plans need fortification against current threats.

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We'd love the opportunity to discuss your challenges and share what Edgeworx has to offer. Let's start a conversation.

Challenges for Municipalities
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