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Client Testimonials

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Edgeworx Client - McMichael Canadian Art Collection Logo

"During the spring of 2021, Edgeworx Solutions Inc performed an in-depth study of the  McMichael Canadian Art Collection infrastructure environment to build a long-term  technology strategy associated with the McMichael’s technology purchases, operational  processes and security requirements. 


The assessment’s deliverable provided a highly comprehensive current environment  review, clearly outlined gaps and prioritized recommendations for our long-term  approach to maximize the value from our corporate technology investments. 


The Edgeworx team are professional, experienced and certified; the McMichael team  gained a tremendous amount of value throughout the assessment project. 


The McMichael highly recommends the Edgeworx team for any organization looking for a  3rd party assessment of their IT infrastructure to build a long-term technology strategy."

Lisa Pottie - McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Town of Espanola

"The Town of Espanola released an RFP to review the Town's  technology infrastructure from a design perspective, quality of  service, adherence to market best practices and organizational structure as it related to IT.  Edgeworx Solutions won the bid to undertake the assessment due to their experience and their methodical and comprehensive approach towards IT strategy development.

The Edgeworx assessment of the Town’s Information Technology environment was detailed and also provided 5-year technology investment recommendations for the long-term requirements of  the Town of Espanola. Edgeworx's professionalism and expertise made for an excellent working relationship.
I would like to thank the Edgeworx team for providing a comprehensive and articulate strategy that the Town of Espanola will be leaning on in the years to come.  Well  done team!"

Allan Hewitt, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Espanola

Edgeworx Client -Town of Espanola logo

Aga Khan Museum

Edgeworx Client -AGAKHAN Museum logo

"Edgeworx Solutions performed an IT Infrastructure Assessment and long term strategy to enhance the organizational operation processes and update the technology to meet future business requirements. 

At the end of the project, Edgeworx delivered ad detailed report on their findings, with clear recommendations and priorities that produced for the Aga Khan Museum and the Ismaili Centre a highly methodical long-term strategy associated with our technology infrastructure. 

We greatly recommend the Edgeworx services to other Museum Institutions that are looking to enhance their technology Infrastructure."

Hussein Rajabali - Aga Khan Museum

Laurus Investment Counsel

"We found the Edgeworx team to be highly knowledgeable and experienced in Network Security. They follow a well thought out methodology to mitigate the risk of cyber security and greatly helped our organization to meet our corporate regulators."

Christopher Page - Laurus Investment Council

Edgeworx Client - Laurus logo

Thank you kindly for this acknowledgement and recognition of our work!

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