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Edgeworx Services

Skilled, certified technicians and consultants.

With collective decades of experience in the Information Technology Industry, our team offers a wide range of business and technical expertise.  Our team members have diverse backgrounds and a wide array of skillsets. Together we offer a unique blend of strategic, business and technical credentials that define our services.

Edgeworx Staff

Speak to us about filling vacant roles in your organization using our staff and wide range of services. 

Introducing Our Services

Edgeworx Service Methodology

Edgeworx 4 Step Service Methodology Model

Step 1. IT Infrastructure Assessment

Identify the current state of corporate IT, issues and related challenges.

Step 4. Performance Analysis

Evaluate the Effectiveness of the program and make the necessary adjustments.

Step 2. IT Strategy Development

Build a long-term IT strategy to continually mitigate Technology risk.

Step 3. IT Strategy Execution

Implement the approved IT Strategy plan throughout the organization.

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