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Edgeworx IT Infrastructure Assessment

Evaluate your own IT infrastructure with the help of our short assessment survey.  Use the questions to direct your attention to components of your IT infrastructure that may be cause for your concern. Submit your responses to our team and we can present you with relevant options for ensuring your IT systems provide functionality, dependability and value.

IT Infrastructure Assessment Survey

Do you have an Information Management Security System in place?
Has your organization faced any disaster recovery incidents in the last few years?
Have you performed a security vulnerability and/or penetration test on your network in recent years?
Are you currently using any network/security monitoring tools? 
Do you have endpoint protection mechanisms in place? (think laptops, ipads, and tablets)
Do you have a formal change management process in place?
Do you manage your own IT infrastructure?
How much data (terabytes) does your production environment have?
Does your organization have available bandwidth?
Is your current connectivity infrastructure sufficient for future growth?
Do you have a formal written business continuity policy in place?
Do you have a corporate incident response plan?
Do you have established policies and standards?
Is your business regulated? (i.e. ISO standards)

We hope these questions have been useful to your self-evaluation. 

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