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The manufacturing industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, as it relies heavily on connected systems and networks. Cyber security threats can lead to disruption of operations, damage to intellectual property, financial losses, and reputational damage. 

At Edgeworx we build and deploy secure, high-performance edge computing solutions for IIOT, industrial automation and process control applications.  Our solutions are custom built to provide:

  • security

  • scalability

  • governance

  • compliance.

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Our technology can be deployed quickly, securely and cost-effectively, and can be integrated into existing IT and OT networks. We also provide support and maintenance services to ensure that our solutions remain secure and reliable over time. Our edge computing solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Our Services


  • IT network infrastructure design and planning.

  • Implementation of full and partial cloud migrations and transitions.


Cyber security​

  • Cyber security strategic planning.

  • Sourcing and installation of cybersecurity solutions for smart factory enterprises.

  • Training and certification programs for cyber security and IT networking professionals.

  • Resources to help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices.


Technical Skills

  • Recruiting services to find qualified professionals.

  • Certified technical skills required by leading IT and OT solution providers.

  • Access to wide-ranging and ever-emerging relationships in the tech startup community.

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Our Manufacturing Clients

Edgeworx Client -Linamar logo
Edgeworx Client - Prymian Group
Edgeworx Client - EMCO Corporation
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Edgeworx Client - Toromont logo

SD-WAN - Benefits for Manufacturers

Improved Security:

SD-WAN solutions provide enhanced security features compared to traditional WANs, such as encryption, firewall policies, and more. This helps to protect the networks of manufacturers from cyber attacks, data breaches, and other malicious activities.


Cost Savings:

SD-WAN solutions can dramatically reduce the cost of networking for manufacturing companies by eliminating the need for expensive hardware and dedicated WAN circuits.


Improved Performance:

SD-WANs use dynamic routing to optimize the performance of traffic over the WAN, resulting in faster speeds, fewer latency issues, and improved application performance.


Reduced Downtime:

SD-WANs continuously monitor the health of the WAN and can automatically failover to a secondary connection, such as a 4G or 5G wireless connection, if the primary connection fails. This helps to dramatically reduce downtime and improve reliability.


Increased Visibility:

SD-WANs provide detailed visibility into the performance of the WAN, allowing manufacturers to quickly identify and troubleshoot problems with their networks.

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Why transition to UCaaS?

As a manufacturer you need to be aware of key reasons industries are transitioning to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service):

  • UCaaS is easier to implement and manage than traditional on-premises solutions.

  • UCaaS can help reduce costs. It eliminates the need for hardware and software investments, as well as associated maintenance costs.

  • UCaaS offers enhanced features, such as video conferencing, HD voice, and collaboration tools. This can help improve communication and collaboration within the manufacturing environment, leading to improved productivity.

  • UCaaS is a cloud-based solution, meaning it can be easily scaled to accommodate a changing workforce and changing organizational needs.

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