Looking to build, enhance, or transform your digital world? Need to protect the data and systems that you are responsible for?

Edgeworx Solutions Inc. partners with industry leading vendors of hardware and software technology to assess, design, deploy, manage and protect the enterprise information systems that are critical to your success.

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As Expert Fortinet Partner, we have protected several of the largest data networks in Canada. Fortinet's FortiGate family protects your entire network from IoT to the cloud and everywhere in between with the industry-leading security, intelligence, and collaboration of the Fortinet Security Fabric.

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As first and leading Arista partner in Canada, we have designed, built and deployed major DataCenter infrastructures, based on Arista's Spine/Leaf concept. Arista is renowned for its software-driven cloud networking solutions and cloud computing. Arista offers 10/25/40/50 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches, dramatically changing the price/performance of data centre networks.

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ThousandEyes is a Network Intelligence platform that delivers visibility into every network an organization relies on, enabling them to optimize and improve application delivery, end-user experience and ongoing infrastructure investments. Leading companies such as Equinix, ServiceNow and Twitter, as well as eBay and other members of the Fortune 500, use ThousandEyes to improve performance and availability of their business-critical applications. 

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Kentik is the network traffic intelligence company. Kentik turns network traffic – billions of digital footprints – into real-time intelligence for both business and technical operations. Network operators, engineers, and security teams use Kentik to manage and optimize the performance, security, and potential of their networks and their business. 

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Exabeam is a leading provider of user and entity behavior analytics, based on security-based data science and innovative Stateful User Tracking technology. We enable customers to detect and thwart cyber attacks that would otherwise go unseen by most enterprises. At the same time, we exponentially increase the productivity and effectiveness of valuable security operations teams by enabling them to cut through the noise of thousands of alerts and focus immediately on high-risk user profiles and behaviors. 


Epiq Solutions develops cutting-edge tools that provide situational awareness and detailed insight into RF environments so you can identify and take action against wireless threats. With more than a decade serving government-focused industries, Epiq Solutions provides state-of-the-art SDR-based RF sensing tools for mission critical signal processing, tracking, capturing, and analyzing in small form factors that lead the way in reduced size, weight, and power consumption. Whether you need a cellular scanning multi-tool that fits in your pocket and converts any handheld device into a spectrum manager and quality of service (QoS) analyzer or a way to protect information within SCIFs from rogue wireless devices with zero false positive alerts, you can trust our proven SDR technology to give you unprecedented views into your RF space.

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CyberconIQ Through its patented research, cyberconlQ offers a full suite of SaaS based solutions that are proven to measurably reduce the probability of a human factors cybersecurity breach. Operating at the intersection of technology and psychology, cyberconlQ embeds proven behavioral science methods targeting changes in on-the-job behavior into all of its products and services as a market differentiator. Solutions include the Risk-Style Questionnaire, Cyber Awareness Training, Cyber Risk Dashboard, Phishing Awareness Training, Cybersecurity & Leadership Training and Digital Citizenship Learning

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Duo helps defend organizations against breaches through its easy and effective cloud-based Trusted Access product suite. The company verifies the identity of users, and the health of their devices, before granting them access to applications. Duo’s intentional balance of security and usability has led them to be a trusted partner to thousands of customers world-wide

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Aryaka’s global SD-WAN provides optimized, software-defined network connectivity and application acceleration to globally distributed enterprises. Aryaka’s services have over 10 million users across 4,500+ sites. Leading brands such as Skullcandy, Air China, Freescale Semiconductor, and ThoughtWorks, as well as partners such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Intelisys, and SK Broadband, have all chosen Aryaka for their enterprise-grade networking needs.


OPSWAT is a global leader in critical infrastructure cybersecurity that helps protect the world’s mission-critical organizations from malware and zero-day attacks. To minimize the risk of compromise, OPSWAT Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) solutions enable both public and private organizations to implement processes that ensure the secure transfer of files and devices to and from critical networks. More than 1,000 organizations worldwide spanning Financial Services, Defense, Manufacturing, Energy, Aerospace, and Transportation Systems trust OPSWAT to secure their files and devices; ensure compliance with industry and government-driven policies and regulations; and protect their reputations, finances, employees and relationships from cyber-driven disruption. OPSWAT. Trust no file. Trust no device.