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Valued Relationships

Edgeworx Solutions Inc. partners with trusted vendors of hardware, software and service technology to design, manage and protect the enterprise information systems that are critical to your success.


We use premium, proven tools and services to achieve outstanding results.  Our team is in touch with the old and the new; tuned in to technological innovations and stagnations;  competent and capable of building the digital transformation solutions you need to thrive. 

Our Solutions, Your Success.

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Request Information and Pricing

Please submit a Request for Information to receive details on specific pricing, products and/or services for your chosen vendors and solutions. Our team will get back to you promptly.

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How do we choose Vendor Partners?

We are approached by many vendors of technology, tools, and systems and asked to form partnerships. Our reputation as a creative systems integrator, with a diverse customer base and experienced team of professionals attracts the attention of established leaders of the technology industry as well as striving start-ups.  Strong business relationships with trusted partners provides ultimate value for our clients.  How do we choose vendor partners?​

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Our 3 step approach:

  1. Investigate the service on offer and determine its technological value.  Evaluate performance data.  Determine how and where it fits architecturally within the range of existing and yet-to-be-designed Edgeworx solution bundles.

  2. Review the vendor's business for financial stability, longevity and safeguards on customer interests.

  3. Evaluate the character, credibility and reputation of the vendor for their potential to become trusted additions to the Edgeworx team.

Our reputation as thought-leaders and innovative custom solution providers depends on partnerships that work for us and for you.

Training and Certification

We take our role as comprehensive solutions providers seriously.  We understand that you need us to know each of the products and services that makes up your custom solution inside out.

Training and certification of our staff on all tools and solutions that we represent is an investment that we are committed to.

Meet our team and review our qualifications.

Depend on us to know our business.

Edgeworx Team Meeting

Edgeworx Partner Spotlight

Please submit a Request for Information to receive details on specific pricing, products and/or services for any of your chosen vendors or solutions. Our team will get back to you promptly. 

Read highlights of just a few of our many successful Vendor Partnerships in the tabs below.


Arista Networks is the leader in building software driven cloud networks for today’s datacenter, cloud and campus environments. Edgeworx counts on Arista to deliver customers the most efficient, reliable and high performance Universal Cloud Network architectures based on 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G and 400G platforms. The Arista EOS is built on an open, programmable, and resilient state-sharing architecture that delivers maximum system uptime, reduces CAPEX and OPEX by simplifying IT operations and enables business agility. Edgeworx network specialists work with Arista EOS software to offer programmability at all layers.


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