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Project Consulting Services

Our team offers project-based consulting services to organizations looking to support initiatives requiring specialized technical knowledge and real world strategic planning expertise.

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Use our team to your advantage

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IT Strategic Planning

An IT strategic plan is the long-term guide you need to implement the information technology strategies that lead to organizational success. Successful IT strategic planning enables your organization to:

  • Drive digital innovation and respond to change

  • Ensure data security and privacy

  • Enable high-value programs

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Improve communication and collaboration

  • Respond to customer and market demands

  • Align technology strategies with organizational goals


Edgeworx offers our team's extensive technical and business knowledge, and decades of experience to organizations in need of effective IT strategic planning.  We can work with you to discover, define and prioritize your information technology goals, allowing you to achieve digital transformation within budget and strategic objectives. 


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IT Processes and Procedures

Highly effective IT processes and procedures are designed and developed according to established principles and industry best practices.  Processes and procedures that are properly written, documented, and followed help to ensure that your organization fully optimizes investments in information technology.  We can help you develop comprehensive and integrated  processes and procedures in a wide variety of key areas: 

  • IT process architecture

  • IT value management

  • IT outsourcing management

  • IT service management

  • Production acceptance management

  • Change management

  • Capacity-planning management

  • Performance management

  • Problem management

  • Security management

  • User access management

  • Backup and recovery management

  • Disaster-recovery management

  • Configuration management

  • Release management

  • Production operations management

  • Auditing

Speak to our team about how best to design and implement IT processes to help you effectively manage new requirements, changes, performance, capacity, problems, configurations, assets, software versions, disasters, and security in your organization.



Cyber Risk Management

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Since 2010, Edgeworx has been a trusted systems integrator, dedicated to information security, data protection, vulnerability management, and ransomware prevention. We specialize in the robust infrastructure design and wholisticstrategic planning that helps organizations create effective security frameworks. 

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Network Migrations and Upgrades

Network migration involves the delicate process of moving data and programs from one network to another to achieve upgrades or add-ons. Successful migration makes it possible to set up migrated files on new and improved networks, or blend previously independent networks, seamlessly and efficiently.

Often accompanying a migration, network infrastructure upgrades facilitate the introduction of new and improved technologies. Depending on your needs, network infrastructure upgrades can involve the planning, installation and tuning of better, more efficient hardware to improve network resiliency, security, computing power and storage.

Edgeworx has extensive real-world experience with network infrastructure migrations and upgrades. We are tuned in to all of the latest technologies; we have a gift for putting together innovative and effective solutions; we are successful at putting all of the many pieces of the network puzzle together in ways that help our customers achieve success.

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Cloud Migrations and Consolidations

Migration to the cloud is the process of migrating data, applications or other business elements, either wholly or in part, to a remote facility, managed by an external provider, and accessed through the internet. Cloud migration can also be about moving from one cloud to another. 


The benefits to cloud migration are compelling:

  • Optimized costs

  • Flexibility and scalability

  • Enhanced security

  • Compliance

  • Backup, recovery, and failover

  • Simplified management and monitoring


Our team has experience helping organizations develop effective cloud migration strategies and accomplish successful outcomes. We are familiar with migration best practices and we understand the potential risks:

  • Loss of data

  • Semantics risks - there are differences in data measurement units between legacy and new systems.

  • Corruption - data integrity is eroded

  • Interference - legacy data is changed or updated as it's being migrated.

If you are interested in realizing the benefits of cloud computing but find yourself uncomfortable navigating the risks of cloud migration alone, talk to our network specialists.  We are available with the help you may need.  

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Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

A vulnerability scan is an automated, high-level test that looks for and reports potential vulnerabilities in your network. The scan compares information about your target attack surface to a database of known flaws, coding bugs, packet construction anomalies, default configurations, and potential paths to sensitive data exploitable by attackers.


A penetration test is a detailed hands-on examination by a real person that tries to detect and exploit weaknesses in your system. Also known as Pen testing, the examination involves the attempted breaching of application systems, (e.g., application protocol interfaces (APIs), frontend/backend servers) to uncover vulnerabilities.

We offer you the latest penetration and vulnerability testing technologies and services to help you in our collective battle against cyber crime.   Talk to us about the most effective ways to reduce your cyber risk exposure. 


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