What You Can't See, Will Hurt You

The way your applications and infrastructure perform directly impacts productivity, revenue, and costs. By proactively assessing your infrastructure and applications, you’ll have the necessary insights to be able to make changes that yield significant returns, improve end user performance and boost customer satisfaction.

Performance Assessment

Edgeworx' Performance Management practice combines proven methodology, best-of-breed tools, custom-developed software, and practical, client-based experience to help you get more from your systems - for less.


Edgeworx uses various tools and techniques to collect readily obtainable measurements on resource utilization.


The measurements or data collected are used for a number of related performance analysis applications, including capacity planning, network design and accounting, and usage-based billing.


We then use these measurements to infer and monitor user service levels. We provide information to answer questions and make decisions.

This includes business justification of additions/upgrades and balancing cost and funtionality to make the most of existing resources.

And Edgeworx takes it a step further by using measurable information to achieve your business objectives.

Infrastructure Design

Our Design and Engineering practice is dedicated to helping our clients design and build network solutions in support of their strategic business initia­tives.


This practice is comprised of seasoned professionals from the three major industry proving grounds - telecommu­nications providers, network equipment vendors, and Fortune-500 end-users. Using their specialized technical skills and real-world industry experience, and Edgeworx methodology, our consultants innovate network solutions that provide our clients with a measurable competitive advantage.

Designing and building secure, reliable and performing intranets, extranets, and Internet access strategies for non-stop business environments is a significant accomplishment. Doing so with a tangible return on investment (ROI) for a manageable total cost of ownership (TCO) is a more daunting task.


It requires the combination of vision, experience, hands-on technical skills, and a commitment to process.

Information Security

Edgeworx' Information Security practice is focused on ensuring that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data and systems on our clients' networks are protected.


The rapid rate at which corporations are coming to rely on large, distributed networks has, in many cases, outpaced the implementation of sound security practices for these business-critical systems.

Edgeworx' security clients span a range of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, Higher Ed, broadcasting, and high technology. While all of these mar­kets have common information security needs, the primary concerns of companies in each industry vary.

Our practice designs and implements security systems using sophisticated off-the-shelf products in custom configurations to enforce the specific information security policy of each client. These systems are designed to assist users in the proper use of corporate information systems, while restricting and preventing possible misuse. When combined with an effective personnel management practice that emphasizes responsible information handling by all employees, the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information assets is measurably improved.

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USE CASE: Application Readiness Assessment


A great example below, shows in three steps, how we provided insight into their end-to-end application performance issues.

STEP 1: Assessing current state of network

This picture is a good example of a typical one and -more often than not only- uptodate network diagram

STEP 2: Deploying end-to-end instrumentation

Deploying multiple application instances (VM or physical), non-intrusive to the custmer's network, allows us to analyze network path provisioning, application quality of services and layer 2/3 metrics.


The screen shot below, using our tools and methodology gives insight into end-to-end hops, routing paths and recent routing changes between the two endpoints.


Insights like these, allows us to quickly identify which routes are active, during day/time periods. It also enables us to detect asymmetric routing (outbound paths not matching inbound paths). Asymmetric could result is QoS/TOS marked applications unknowingly been provisioned across non-QoS paths.

STEP 3: Real-Time data analytics

With the end-point appliances measuring end2end metrics, the Edgeworx cloud portal offers detailed, 1-minute accurate network and application metrics.

Visibility and insights like this example can be obtained within 1-2 weeks after deployment, eliminating fingerpointing (Network vs. Apps), creates detailed network diagrams, enables visibility into when and where 3rd party Service Providers exceed SLAs and allows for preemptive network management.

Chart above shows major data packet loss on 1,500 byte frame, 

compromising a backup/DR proces

VoIP QoS, showing voice packet and jitter loss, as well as the end user perceived Mean Opinion Score.