July 29, 2019

Availability issues are striking again and the business can’t operate--it looks like maybe this time a server is down? Determining the root cause can be a challenge, if not impossible, without the right traffic analysis. After all, instead of a server or application is...

July 22, 2019

A rogue employee tore a 2.9 million-record-sized hole into his employer’s IT infrastructure according to an advisory posted by Canada’s Desjardins Group, the largest federation of credit unions in North America. The breach, carried out by the since-fired employee, invo...

July 15, 2019

Virtualization--it’s actually not so new. Since the 1960s, the computing concept has been in use and has been defined as:

“The art and science of making the function of an object or resource simulated or emulated in software identical to that of the corresponding physic...

June 24, 2019

Timely security patching isn’t enough to defy application vulnerabilities that put companies at risk. In fact, at first blush when we hear the term “vulnerabilities,” and immediately assume its basis in security, we’re ignoring the iceberg hidden below the surface.

A fe...

May 13, 2019

The value proposition of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is compelling. Who wouldn’t want decreased WAN costs and increased overall capacity? Who wouldn’t want the quality of a Skype™ call to be adjusted automatically? And, who’s not in favour of lowerin...

May 6, 2019

The 1990’s--that glorious time when the release of the World Wide Web brought the internet into the homes and businesses of millions of people. It was a period of significant advancement in networking research and development in regards to high-speed routers and routin...

April 11, 2019

It happened again...Large amounts of money transferred to a scammer that will likely never be recovered in full. This time the phishing victim was City of Ottawa Treasurer, Marian Simulik.

On July 6, 2018 she received an email that appeared to come from city Manager, S...

April 9, 2019

Eight years ago when John McKerracher, Colin Hales, and I came together to form Edgeworx Solutions, we didn’t know that “edge computing” would be such a major buzzword in 2019. Back then, the term didn’t exist. Even without a label, our combined years of industry exper...

March 25, 2019

CyberEdge Group, the leading research and marketing firm serving the security industry’s top vendors, today announced the availability of its sixth annual Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR), sponsored by Edgeworx Solutions Inc. New this year, the report found that IT sec...

March 19, 2019

I’ve been catching up on the riveting television series drama The Americans, and there’s one character I can’t help but feel sorry for. Stan Beeman is a FBI counterintelligence agent that devotes his life to keeping the United States safe against the Soviets.

With a mo...

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