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Provincial Governments

Experienced Edgeworx consultants work with provincial ministries and agencies to provide IT recommendations and strategic direction. 

We specialize in providing technology and service solutions that are tailored to meet specific needs. We leverage leading-edge technology and industry best-practices to ensure security and performance. We provide solutions that are cost-effective, maintaining high standards of data security and privacy. We understand the imperative to maximize investments in technology and solutions in order to meet current and future needs.

Vendor of Record Agreements with the Province of Ontario

IT Solutions & Services 

Selected for all IT Projects along with related services: business analysis & planning, architecture, solutions development, testing & quality assurance (QA), systems integration/deployment & operations.

IT Security Products & Services 

Selected for specific IT Security categories: network security, application security, web security, endpoint security, identity and access, user behaviour and enterprise vulnerability.

Management Consulting Services 

Selected for task-based services.

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Highly qualified IT professionals able to define business priorities, identify new technologies, think long-term and strategize at a corporate level are in short supply.  Let us know how we can help.

Our Provincial Clients

Edgeworx Client - Ontario Health
Edgeworx Client - MPAC
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