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Federal Government

We are proud to be a trusted advisor to our Canadian Government institutions.

At Edgeworx, we understand the unique challenges that Canadian government ministries and departments are facing. We help individual governmental organizations address these challenges by providing information technology solutions  tailored to meet their specific needs. We leverage cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to ensure security and performance. We provide tailored solutions that are cost-effective.  We understand and support requirements to maintain the highest standards of security and privacy.

Our most recent experiences with ministerial departments involved:

  • network infrastructure consulting and strategic planning,

  • designing, developing and implementing secure custom solutions,

  • successfully delivering projects on time and on budget,

  • providing high levels of ongoing service and support.

We take great pride in being a long-time, trusted advisor to Canadian governmental institutions.   Contact us if we can be of assistance to your organization.

Edgeworx Clients

We value our unique opportunity to make direct impacts on the lives of Canadians. By guiding our communities towards strategic, effective use of technology and systems, we work together to build stronger, more connected communities.

Edgeworx Client - Communications Security Establishment
Edgeworx Client - Transport Canada
Edgeworx Client - Department of National Defense
Edgeworx Client - Natural Sciences Engineering Research Council of Canada
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