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Managed Services



Edgeworx offers a wide range of subscription-based managed services designed to extend our team's collective knowledge and expertise to organizations looking to fill IT skills gaps.  Edgeworx-as-a-Service offers reliable strategic and tactical options to companies looking for effective ways to manage their digital information systems.

Edgeworx Staff at work

C-Level Managed Services

Strategic Leadership; Tactical Excellence. 

Edgeworx C-Level services empower your business with virtual chief technical officers. Use our team's collective knowledge and expertise to fill your organization's IT skills gaps

The C-Level Services include dedicated project managers that coordinate resources, manage stakeholders, and apply efficient project management principles to achieve the project, and corporate objectives.


  • Project Planning: Define service scope, objectives, and deliverables in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders.

  • Resource Allocation: Assess resourcing levels to ensure IT staff is equipped and able to meet service level agreements. 

  • Risk and Issue Management: Identify service risks and issues, advising on strategies to mitigate or resolve them.

  • Communication: Facilitate effective communication among stakeholders and ensure alignment with objectives, and timelines.

  • Quality Assurance: Advise on service execution according to agreed standards and methodologies, enabling desired outcomes on-time and on-budget.

Information Technology


  • Align IT Strategy with business objectives

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Leverage technology for strategic

  • Drive innovation and efficiency

Outdoors Meeting


  • Safe gaurd digital assets

  • Implement robust cybersecurity strategies

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards

  • Maintain business continuity

  • Foster a culture of cybersecurity resilience

  • Strategic guidance in response to IT security incidents

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Tactical Services


IT Operations

User Management

User Provisioning

Device Provisioning

User Support

Application Provisioning

Device Management

Security Operations

Security Education

Privileged Access Management

Certificate Management

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Scanning

Best Practises Analysis

Zero Trust Network Access

Cloud Security

Patch Management

Password Management

Data Protections

Cloud Backups( Workstations,Mobile Devices,Servers,Saas)

Email Protection

Endpoint Proctection

Data Loss Prevention

Communications Archiving (Email,Teams, Sharepoint,eDiscovery)

Microsoft 365, Google Workspaces

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Stategic Services


Education Services

Security Awareness Training

Application Education

Configuration Management

Corporate Education Plan

Change Management

C-Level Management Suite

CIO Services




Cloud Adoption

IT Operations


CISO Services

Security Frameworks

Risk Management

Policies and Procedures

Security Mitigation

Cyber Resiliency/Security

Regulatory Compliance

Strategic Roles Defined:

Edgeworx Transformational CIO Services

As an information technology executive, a vCIO offers small and medium sized businesses the efficiency, flexibility, and expertise needed to develop IT strategy at a manageable price point. Edgeworx Transformational CIO Services elevate the role of vCIO by providing SMBs with not only the strategic insights needed to move business forward, but also the right technology solutions to deliver on business goals.

Our key deliverables:


  • Work with senior staff to establish and direct IT strategic and tactical goals, policies, and procedures.

  • Guide IT managers in the implementation of current and future technological initiatives.

  • Meet with IT leadership to exchange information, innovate and educate.

  • Provide IT projects leadership.

  • Assist in prioritizing and implementing all IT recommendations in a logical and strategic manner.

  • Participate in IT vendor contract negotiations.

  • Assist in day-to-day IT service operations as needed.

  • Assess and provide IT staffing recommendations.

  • Identify user needs and requirements.

Service Schedule

We provide Transformational CIO services as a multi-year subscription-based agreement.


The service schedule includes:


  • IT Strategy Portal

  • Weekly tactical review

  • Monthly service level reviews & monthly operational reports

  • Quarterly business reviews

  • Annual stakeholder interviews

  • Annual budget preparation

  • Annual skill set assessment


Edgeworx Transformational CISO Service

For a number of reasons, in-house cyber security resources can be hard to come by. Our collective need for focused cyber security staff has never been greater. At Edgeworx, we recognize the critical contribution of focused cyber security resources and have developed the Transformational CISO service to assist those without adequate access to dedicated staff.


Our key deliverables:

  • Develop and maintain a corporate IT Security strategy that aligns with the organizations
    risk tolerance, and regulatory and legal requirements.

  • Provide guidance on a security framework, forming the basis of IT Policies/Standards.

  • Guide the process of reviewing, and updating of standards, guidelines, and policies
    annually, ensuring alignment to the security framework and regulatory and legal

  • Create a prioritized action plan for security mitigations, ongoing vulnerability, and
    compliance processes.

  • Guide the process of creating and aligning operational playbooks to the updated
    standards and best practices.

  • Guide the process of developing and regularly testing Incident response, disaster
    recovery and Cyber Security responses as part of an annual IT program to enhance
    business continually preparedness against any business disruption.

Protect your data.
Safeguard your corporate reputation. 

Edgeworx Transformational PM Service

The Edgeworx Transformational PM service is designed to help organizations manage projects and assist the CIO and CISO in delivering services. 

Our key deliverables:


  • Project management of all technology initiatives.

  • Education program collateral and management.

  • Develop a formal change control and review process in conjunction with configuration management, lifecycle management and inventory control.

  • implement training for cyber security and phishing awareness campaign programming for staff.

  • Implement formal IT governance focusing on understanding the impact of IT decisions to ensure strategic business alignment in terms of value, delivery, risk management, and resource management.

  • Establish a regular operational review process for best practices alignment of operational playbooks, system and device templates and services.

  • Implement a CMDB to document all configurations and dependencies and categorize all
    systems for input in incident response and disaster recovery plans.


Edgeworx vPortal

The Edgeworx vPortal uses the encase™ dynamic platform built on modern-cloud architecture and flexible infrastructure.


Our key deliverables:

  • encase™ integrates and displays assessment data to strengthen IT operations while providing a seamless user experience.

  • The platform provides the organization with unprecedented visibility and control into the IT environment and allows senior management access to high-level scorecards for desired data point.

  • IT management can dig deeper by accessing detailed reports outlining the results of technology assessments and recommendations. 

  • encase™ works hand in hand with business units to define and build modernized business processes and services.


Edgeworx Transformational C-Level Service

Office meeting and staff discussion

The Edgeworx Transformational C-Level Service is our premium monthly subscription service designed to help small to medium-sized businesses develop, manage, and implement corporate Technology and Security strategies. The package includes the following suite of as-a-service management options:

  • Transformational CIO: Assist in prioritizing and implementing all IT recommendations in a logical and strategic manner.

  • Transformational CISO: Provides corporate security strategies, solutions, and oversight in all aspects of IT security.

  • Transformational PM: The Edgeworx Transformational Project Manager delivers and implements specified initiatives and manages the Corporate Education program.

  • Edgeworx vPortal: The Edgeworx vPortal service uses the encase™ dynamic platform built on modern-cloud architecture and flexible infrastructure to provide Technology Strategy Management.

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