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What Should You Learn From the AWS Outage?

So, what did we all take away from this week’s AWS outage? Depends who you ask. Plenty of us in IT think it was a good reminder to consider multicloud and hybrid cloud environments—basically, do not put all your cloud workload eggs in one AWS basket. The

S3 storage outage affected about 150,000 websites hosted in Amazon’s US-EAST-1 region data center, which is in northern Virginia.

The Amazon outage reminded everyone in IT for a day that cloud workloads are off-premises, and that they can go down at any time. Cloud still needs a recovery, backup and continuity plan. There’s also the time-tested caveat that people still run the cloud machines. The S3 outage this week happened when an engineer made a command mistake during a routine task shutting down a storage subsystem.

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