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Not All Municipalities Are Considered Equal

Are you truly aware of your organizational situation?

Is your municipality’s IT infrastructure up to date? What cyber security measures are in place to ensure your municipality’s information is secure from phishing and ransomware attacks? If you were hit with a cyber attack, would you be able to recover organizational data and budgets without paying the ransom?

Cyber attacks on municipalities have cost taxpayers a reported $379 million since 2020. Municipalities, no matter the size or location, are gold mines to bad actors. In many situations, the more remote the municipality is the more unsuspecting. Bad actors aren’t always looking to target major municipalities as they usually have access to IT funding and resources making it harder to penetrate.

Like many industries, not all municipalities are considered equal. You cannot compare Toronto to Midland for example. Both Toronto and Midland have equally important yet completely different needs, requirements, budgets, funding, and resources.

Location plays a huge role in municipalities funding and available IT resources making it challenging for more rural and remote municipalities to keep up with technology investments. With the digital age upon us, there is pressure on every municipality to shift their organizational structures to digital. Yet, with a lack of IT resources, funding, and connectivity, municipalities are struggling to stay up to date and protect their organization and their citizens personal information.

In these situations the best option is to start with the basics, with proper IT expertise your municipality will be able to implement the correct systems and then bring in more sophisticated solutions to improve overall business functionality and security. Need help figuring out how to start? Fill out our brief IT Infrastructure Survey and start getting a clearer picture of your organizational IT systems.

Jaclyn Lott

Channel Partner

Edgeworx Solutions

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