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Edgeworx Security Assessment

Evaluate your own IT cyber security position with the help of a few directed questions.  Submit your responses to our security specialists and we can present you with some relevant options for ensuring your IT systems and data remain robust, resilient and secure.

IT Security Survey

Do you have a formal written security policy in place?
Do you have a corporate incident response plan?
Do you have established policies and standards?
Have your security policy and processes been reviewed within the past 12 months?
Are your security policies and processed being followed?
Have you performed a security vulnerability and/or penetration test on your network in recent years?
Has your organization experienced security breaches at any of your locations within the last year?
Are you concerned about being hacked?
Are you currently using any network/security monitoring tools? 
Do you have an Information Management Security System in place?
Have you had an independent security assessment performed?
Do you have endpoint protection mechanisms in place?
Do you have a required cyber security awareness training program for employees?
Do you have a formal change management process in place?

We will be in touch with you shortly!

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