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cyberconIQ: Your Pathway to Improved Human Factor Cyber Resilience

cyberconIQ fosters a positive cyber aware culture that enables your organization to be safer at work and at home


Learn how you can empower your employees to reduce their risky online behaviours.

Edgeworx on cyberconIQ

Follow our review of the latest techniques and tools cyberconIQ is using to successfully reduce human-factor cybersecurity breaches.

Empower your Employees; Reduce Risky Online Behaviour


Edgeworx and cyberconIQ have worked successfully together to assist a diverse and growing collection of organizations to improve employee cybersecurity through awareness and education.


Edgeworx partners with cyberconIQ to deliver proven cybersecurity solutions that reduce your probability of a human-factor cyber breach. 

Edgeworx is a cyberconIQ authorized partner



Many organization’s focus on technology and risk-controlled process designs as their primary risk mitigation tools. cyberconIQ’s innovative Human Defense Platform enables a company to substantially reduce cyber risk by leveraging their CYBERology approach - the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology. It is cyberconIQ’s goal to help security leaders tackle total cybersecurity risk from an integrated perspective, targeting management’s attention on the human elements first. 

Understanding your employee risk makeup is critical to improving your cyber risk posture. cyberconIQ’s patented psychology-based approach is proven to reduce your cyber risk exposure.