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The Edgeworx Transformational CISO

What is the Edgeworx Transformational CISO Strategic Service?

The Edgeworx Transformational CISO strategic service was created to develop and maintain your corporate cyber security strategy while increasing revenue and bolstering your reputation. This is an all encompassing strategic service created for small to mid-market enterprises.

The Transformational CISO Service includes an onboarding and communication plan for cybersecurity services.

These service offerings will help your organization to meet their cyber security requirements and goals while protecting your organization's reputation.

The Edgeworx Organizational Assessment

The Edgeworx CISO will initiate an Organizational Assessment of current cyber security products and protocols your organization has in place and provide you with pro-active feedback in order to improve.

Having cyber security products and protocols in place is step one. However, in order to stay diligent, your cyber solutions must be continuously monitored for new and evolving pain points, threat vectors, and updated to meet the latest compliance standards.

Expansive and Evolving Threat Detection

Cyber attackers are constantly expanding and evolving so should your detection engineers.

The Edgeworx Transformational CISO Strategic Service provides 24/7 monitoring and detection.

Our threat monitoring solutions are constantly expanding in order to identify new and ever changing cyber threats.

Assistance and Education

Human risk factors are a large part of why cyber attackers are so successful. In order to protect your organization your employees must be cyber aware.

Our Transformational CISO Strategic Service provides ground breaking cyber education and assistance to teach your employees how to avoid phishing and ransomware attacks.

The Transformational CISO package includes a variety of training modules based on psychology that are able to pinpoint repeat offenders and identify ways of improving, thus limiting human risk factors all together.

Measuring Improvements

Cyber attackers are constantly improving and adapting their strategies. Thus, your cyber security solutions must also be constantly improving and adapting.

The Edgeworx CISO will show you where your business is protected and where it's not.

The Edgeworx CISO will give you proactive and attainable solutions on how to improve your current cybersecurity practices and improve your current cyber security protection initiatives.

Our reports allow you to access actionable insights and demonstrate your progress.

By measuring your improvements you are also protecting your business' reputation.

Cyber Hackers Don't Sleep and Neither Should Your Detection Engines

The Edgeworx CISO is able to analyze everything that happens on your end points and beyond.

The Edgeworx Transformational CISO's advanced managed security service provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response so you don’t have to worry.

The Edgeworx Solutions Value Add

Mitigate corporate cyber risk

Enhance your organization's cyber insurance protection

Reduce potential reputation damage due to cyber attacks

Build competitive advantage through strategic cyber market leadership

Increase profitability while improving and bolstering your organization's reputation

Improve employee cyber security awareness to reduce human risk factors

Have questions? Want to learn more about Edgeworx Solutions and our suite of digital cyber solutions? Reach out to us at

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