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The Digital Pivot of Museums

The global pandemic has caused drastic change to almost every industry, and museums were not exempt from this. Museums have had to think quick and develop new ways for their audience to reach them even though their doors were closed. Watching as museums have effectively adapted to the rolling closures and restrictions is a true testament to the resiliency of museums and galleries across Ontario.

Through this shift, museums have come out on top. Museums have been able to utilize technology to enhance accessibility and extend their reach beyond their physical four walls. Through virtual learning, webinars, virtual events, and virtual tours museums and galleries have been able to continue to provide exceptional content for their customers despite not being able to open their doors.

However, with this extended reach comes extended risk.

With this pivot towards digitization comes the increased use of wireless networks to provide interactive activities for the many museum goers. The use of wireless networks, although effective may present an ongoing challenge as attackers continue to seek unsecured and vulnerable entry points.

The best way to protect your museum as you pivot towards digitalization? Perform an IT Infrastructure Assessment. Learn where your organization is vulnerable and how to improve your current infrastructure to support your continued digital growth. The pivot to digitization is not going to slow down and museums will continue to have to think outside the box to provide invaluable content for their viewers.

With continued reliance on digital technologies comes the need to regularly monitor and improve your IT infrastructure in order to ensure your IT systems are effective, safe, and meet your organization's long-term IT strategy.

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Jaclyn Lott

Channel Partner

Edgeworx Solutions

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