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The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Evaluating Your Next Security Investment

Keeping pace with today’s digital innovations takes scrutiny, time, and effort, especially when integrating any new technologies into your organization.

Network security continues to evolve. In order to stay at the forefront of digital innovations, organizations must rely heavily on cloud applications to keep their users connected and businesses thriving. The resulting plethora of 'Internet-of-Things' (IoT) and 'bring-your-own-device' (BYOD) applications and devices in use on the network has created many new network and cloud edges, exponentially expanding the potential attack surface.

The explosion of connected devices has splintered the security perimeter, causing gaps in visibility, manual IT management burdens, and more attack vectors targeting the new edges.

Context-aware high-performing security embedded into the connectivity and compute layers is critical for the success and ease of the digital innovation journey. Creating a unified, self-healing environment across the full connection—device and users to applications—minimizes security gaps and provides timely and coordinated preventions and responses across the attack life cycle.

Mistake #1 Trusting too much

All organizations need to implement a zero-trust security model.

Mistake #2 Evaluating cloud platform and application security in a silo

As all organizations move towards multi-device, multi-cloud environments it becomes even more difficult to manage and maintain consistent security controls.

Mistake #3 Focusing on detection instead of time to prevention

Detecting a cyber attack that has taken over your network is like noticing you've been robbed after the thief has left with your diamond earrings.

The best defence is offence.

Mistake #4 Expanding connectivity without native security

Look for consistency across deployment models that in turn will allow you to mix and match hardware, software, and X-as-a-Service offerings into a singular security posture.

Mistake #5 Not including your full ecosystem

Your cybersecurity systems should be able to talk and work together to ensure all edges are covered.

Read in detail below!

5 mistakes to avoid when evaluating your next security investment
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