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2022 MISA Ontario Annual Conference and Trade Show

Hosted by Middlesex County and The City of London

Edgeworx Solutions Inc., along with our cyber security partner OPSWAT, were pleased to participate in the MISA 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show in London, Ontario in June. It was great to be back in-person with all the most influential IT vendors serving Municipal IT professionals.

Edgeworx Solutions was represented at the trade show by our team of Municipal specialists Barry Hohol, Mike Millar, and Paul Pagani. Colin Hales, COO and John Mckerracher, CEO represented our management team. Cyber security specialists Joel Corpuz and Jason Hill attended on behalf of the award winning OPSWAT team.

Our Partnership

It was a pleasure to work alongside OPSWAT during this year's MISA Conference and Trade Show. As a designated Partner in the OPSWAT Partner Program, Edgeworx delivers value added services using market leading OPSWAT cyber security solutions. Together Edgeworx and OPSWAT have worked with many Municipalities to implement critically needed cyber solutions.

About the 2022 MISA Ontario Conference and Trade Show

Throughout the conference, many influential speakers took to the stage to discuss a variety of topics from ransomware, cyber security, development, to mental health within the workplace. Former Off the Record host, Michael Landsberg, a charismatic icon of the Canadian sports community. He’s also one of the country’s most vocal mental health advocates took to the stage and discussed mental health within the workforce.

About Edgeworx Solutions Inc.

Based in Toronto, Ontario Edgeworx Solutions Inc. is an information technology solutions integrator focused on network and application performance and security. With 25+ years experience in the IT industry, Edgeworx can assure knowledgeable, practised assistance in maximizing returns on network infrastructure investments. We are proficient in identifying and eliminating potential IT security risks, minimizing costly bandwidth upgrades, optimizing end-user performance, and improving the access and response time of both enterprise and cloud-based business applications.

To learn more about how Edgeworx works to improve network management and the end-user experience, please reach out to us at and follow @Edgeworxsolutionsinc on Linkedin.


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