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phishFixIQ | Phishing Simulation and Remediation

Phishing attacks are on the rise and becoming harder to identify right off the bat.

Based on the most recent IC3 Internet Crime Report, 2021 saw a dramatic increase in complaints and costs associated with phishing threat vectors. We have worked with many different types of clients and have found a common theme: they have addressed as much of the hardware, software and traditional Security Awareness Training (SAT) solutions with only limited success in reducing phishing failures.

cyberconIQ’s phishFixIQ simulation and remediation solution guarantees a reduction in phishing rates by up to 90%.

The cyberconIQ phishing simulation leverages real-world data to educate users on how to avoid social engineering attacks.

Social engineering attacks are defined as the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.

phishFixIQ’s groundbreaking solution utilizes AI to learn from phishing intelligence data to personalize phishing simulations for end-users to combat phishing attacks:

  • cyberconIQ’s internal risk assessment provides real-time threat intelligence to show internal vulnerabilities

  • The phishing technology leverages behavioural psychology best practices to improve your organization’s cyber posture

  • The cyberconIQ solution learns from user experience to provide personalized phishing simulations and training

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