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OMAA: Building Bold, Courageous Communities

OMAA: building bold, courageous communities
OMAA: building bold, courageous communities

Edgeworx Solutions will be attending the 2023 OMAA Spring Workshop in Niagara on the Lake.

Edgeworx prides itself in providing effective digitization strategies for our community members so that they can improve workflows, productivity, and profits, thus strengthening our communities and our economy.

Take a look at what our clients have to say about us!

About the OMAA

OMAA was formed in 1958 “for Chief Administrative Officers to meet periodically and to assist in the promotion of better local government”. The first meeting was attended by 10 CAOs.

OMAA provides professional development, advocacy, networking opportunities, services, and additional support for Ontario CAOs and Associate-A’s.

OMAA Vision

Widely recognized for promoting and supporting good governance, by encouraging excellence in CAO leadership, know-how and professional management of municipalities.

OMAA Mission

To provide professional development, services and support and networking opportunities, which enable Members to be the best they can be in serving the public as Municipal Executives.

OMAA Strategic Goals

  • Deliver high quality professional development, that is always relevant and directly connected to the skills of being a municipal leader for both existing and aspiring CAOs

  • Deliver the best opportunities for CAOs and aspiring CAOs to grow professionally and learn from each other through networking and connecting

  • Retain and grow the membership to strengthen the Association and its overall impact with respect to good governance in Ontario

  • Continuously improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the OMAA

  • Increase OMAA input in the “provincial conversation” to bring forward the professional management perspective on the development and implementation of public policy considered significant or compelling by the Board

We look forward to seeing you there!

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