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MISA Ontario 2023: Annual Conference and Trade Show

Team members standing around booth at conference
Edgeworx at MISA Conference and Trade Show

2023 MISA Conference and Trade Show

MISA, The Municipal Information Systems Association was founded on the concepts of sharing best practices, collaboration, and volunteerism within the municipal sector. MISA is made up of members of the municipal sector as well as IT & Communications organizations across North America.

As a proud member of MISA, the Edgeworx team looks forward to attending the annual conference and trade show every year. The MISA conference is an excellent opportunity to discuss industry topics, best practices, network, and reconnect with clients, partners, and innovators alike.

This year was no different! The 2023 Conference was held in Blue Mountain Village. MISA brought in some influential speakers from all walks of life. Speakers ranged from IT and Cyber Security experts to influential municipal members from various municipalities across Ontario.

Speakers spoke about industry topics and what's next for municipalities. Topics ranged from digital transformation to IT strategic planning, and how to use automation and technology to simplify and improve municipal offerings to their respective communities.

AI, Artificial Intelligence was a hot topic this year! Speakers discussed best practices on how to use AI to improve and streamline offerings while also how the increased use of technology brings on more IT risks from cyber attacks, human error, and ransomware.

Forward thinking and proactive discussions is what allows MISA members to grow and succeed despite rapidly changing environments.

two men standing in front of company booth
Team members Guy Netaneli and Barry Hohol representing Edgeworx Solutions

Municipalities and IT

It is truly exciting to witness the transformation of municipalities through the incorporation of IT. Municipalities are the backbone of any city or town, responsible for providing essential services to the citizens. With the rapid advancements in technology, it is no surprise that municipalities are also embracing IT to streamline their operations and provide better services. The integration of IT in municipalities has brought about significant improvements in various areas.

We at Edgeworx value our unique opportunity to make direct impacts on the lives of Canadians through our partnership with municipalities across Ontario. By guiding our communities towards strategic, effective use of technology and systems, we work together to build a stronger, more connected community and local economy.

three men standing in front of booth at conference
Edgeworx rep Barry Hohol and John and James from Arista

Edgeworx and Arista

This year we partnered with Arista - As a boutique systems integrator we pride ourselves in bringing the best of the best to our clients. Our reputation as thought-leaders and innovative custom solution providers depends on partnerships that work for us and for you and Arista is no different. Want to learn more about Arista Networks? Reach out to us for more information.

What's Next?

Edgeworx looks forward to working with municipalities across Ontario and beyond. Providing innovative solutions that improve municipalities service offerings is what we do.

As MISA Members we look forward to seeing you at MISAInfoSec in October! Drop by our booth and don't forget to say hi!

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