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Edgeworx Transformational CIO Services elevate the role of vCIO

Build a stronger IT strategy with Transformational CIO Services

Information technology is a crucial component of your ability to survive and thrive. However, IT is often seen as a financial liability rather than an asset to your company’s growth and bottom line. That’s not IT’s fault. Without a well-documented and clearly defined IT strategy, how can you align your technology with the strategic objectives of your organization? You can’t.

An effective IT strategy enables you get more out of your current IT investment and make better use of the technology tools and people you already have. It can also strengthen your security posture and provide you with the insights you need to make better decisions. This moves IT from the liability column to becoming an asset for reaching your business goals.

But developing a fruitful IT strategy shouldn’t be left up to just anyone. It takes in-depth technology expertise, an abundance of real-world IT experience, and the ability to understand the big picture of where your business is now and where you want to be. All of this falls under the purview of the CIO.

Many of SMBs don’t really need a full-time CIO and instead opt for a virtual CIO (vCIO). Compared to hiring a traditional CIO, a vCIO offers the efficiency, flexibility, and expertise you need to develop or improve your long-term IT strategy at a more manageable price point. This is especially beneficial for SMBs looking for on-going support with their technology strategy or to drive large-scale IT projects, such as digital transformation.

Transform your organization

As the #1 IT strategy service in Canada, Edgeworx understands how important it is to have an effective IT strategy, no matter the size of your company or the industry you’re in. That’s why we’ve taken our team’s collective expertise in assessing, developing, and executing on result-driven technology strategies to provide you with the most comprehensive CIO services—Edgeworx Transformational CIO Services.

Edgeworx Transformational CIO Services elevate the role of vCIO by providing you not only with the strategic insights you need to move your business forward, but also the right technology solutions to deliver on your business goals.

You get all the benefit of having your own CIO, committed to your business success, for much less than it would cost to hire a full-time CIO. Made to fit budgets of all sizes, the Edgeworx Transformational CIO Services is a multi-year subscription-based agreement. Trusted by our customers to be their corporate CIO, the Edgeworx Transformational CIO Services produce a strategic IT plan that includes:

  • Establishing and directing the strategic and tactical goals, policies, and procedures

  • Defining business priorities to best utilize technology to meet corporate goals

  • Budgetary planning to get most out of your IT investments

  • Enhancing your team’s skill sets and core competencies

  • Identifying new technologies and their role in delivering outcomes

  • Participating in contract negotiations for all IT-related purchases

  • Gaining an intimate understanding of end-user requirements and business objectives

Having a CIO on your side and an effective IT strategy can directly affect your organization’s performance in the long run. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how our Transformational CIO Services can transform our business.

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