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There is no doubt that the global pandemic has caused drastic changes to almost every industry, and museums were not exempt from this. Museums have struggled with increased demand for their services, reduced revenues, declines in charitable giving due to the rising cost of living, and a greater need to make use of digital tools as part of adapting and modernizing their operations.

With regards to the post pandemic economy, something of interest to you may be what the Canadian Government is offering Relief Funding for non-for-profits and charities.

Edgeworx is a boutique systems integrator helping customers drive digital transformation by providing industry-leading services and solutions. Edgeworx is known for bringing high value results through experience and expertise. We work closely with our clients to create solutions that are seamlessly integrated, effective, and sustainable for many years to come, and to build long term relationships as a trusted advisor. More specifically, Edgeworx works extensively within the Museum sector providing a variety of services and solutions. From assessing, managing, upgrading, and maintaining network infrastructure, to providing cyber security analysis, and cyber training and education.

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At the McMichael, we assessed all parts of their technology infrastructure. The outcome of an Edgeworx IT Infrastructure Assessment is both a full assessment document for the existing environment along with a long-term technology infrastructure strategy.

At the ROM, we implemented and managed a cyber security training program for staff, and are undertaking an overall cyber security review.

With the Aga Khan Museum and the Ismaili Centre, Edgeworx performed an in-depth assessment of their technology infrastructure, identified any weaknesses within their networks, and identified future improvements for both organizations.

Not sure where to start? Let Edgeworx help your business today and into the future. Contact Us to learn more.

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