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cybermetrIQs | Your Cyber Risk Dashboard

Model the ROI of risk-mitigating practices with cyberconIQ's Cyber Risk Dashboard

Align your cybersecurity goals with your overall business strategy

The cyber risk dashboard will help you align your cybersecurity goals with your overall business strategy.

This approach allows you to effectively lower your total organizational probability and costs associated with a cyber breach by understanding the unique makeup, or ‘cyber DNA’, of your organization using three simple steps to measure and manage your people, process, and technology.

“From my perspective, cyberconIQ’s Cyber Risk Dashboard is revolutionary and a total game-changer to have in your company’s cybersecurity arsenal”

Discover your organization's cyber DNA

What is Your Organization's Human Cyber Risk Makeup?

The results of cyberconIQ's patent-pending myQ deliver a personal cyber Risk-Style that corresponds to one of four quadrants, which provides a way of assessing the degree to which a particular organization’s ‘cyber DNA‘ of individual styles either increases or decreases average risk.

Through cyberconIQ's real-time dashboard, you will be able to measure and model your cybersecurity strategy wit real-time impacts. The dashboard provides the ability to accurately model the cost-benefit of implementing the most common improvements in maturity in cybersecurity practices (NIST, CIS, ISO etc). This real-time dashboard feature demonstrates the specific impact on either the probability of a successful cyber breach and/or the cost of a cyber breach recovery.

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