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2022 Bell Network & Technology Services Leadership Conference

Edgeworx and our partners Fortinet and Couchbase are participating in this years Bell Canada’s invitation only Network & Technology Services Leadership Conference event, featuring Bell’s most influential vendor partners for the fifth year in a row. Edgeworx will be represented by our esteemed client executives and business development managers Paul Price and Peter Fortune alongside our Fortinet specialists Warren Sawkiw and Ajay Patadia and Couchbase specialists Kevin Morel and Tom McSpiritt.

Our Partnerships

It is a pleasure to work alongside Fortinet during this year's Network & Technology Services Leadership Conference. As a designated Expert Partner within Fortinet’s Partner Program, Edgeworx delivers value added services alongside Fortinet’s market-leading cybersecurity solutions. As a valued reseller of Fortinet since 2014, Edgeworx and Fortinet have worked with the largest telecommunication service providers in Canada, leading global enterprises, and many SMBs. Want to learn more,

As in the past, it continues to be our ever stronger relationship with Couchbase that will be highlighted during this year's Network & Technology Services Leadership Conference. As our long time partnership with Couchbase continues to grow and develop, our combined ability to meet the needs of various Bell Canada Teams also becomes richer and more viable. Together, Edgeworx and Couchbase will deliver more focused and powerful solutions to meet the constant changes and challenges our customer base across Canada are facing every day.

About the Bell Network & Technology Services Leadership Conference

Edgeworx, being a boutique systems integrator company, is pleased to be a part of this annual conference where we are able to meet with Bell Canada executives and team members. “While we regularly work with Bell, the conference creates a space where we can engage face-to-face on pivotal topics including network visibility and security,” said President of Edgeworx, John McKerracher.

The Bell Network & Technology Services Leadership Conference brings together over 500 Network team members from across Canada, key players from other Bell business units, and vendor partners to share experiences & best practices. During the event, the brightest networking and technology service minds prepare together for the future transformation of Canadian and global communications. The event is hosted by Bell’s Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Information Officer, Stephen Howe, who will be joined by his entire team of Network & Technology Vice Presidents.

About Edgeworx Solutions Inc.

Edgeworx Solutions Inc. is a leading boutique solutions integrator, focused on network and application performance based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. With 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, Edgeworx assists customers in maximizing their return on network infrastructure investments by identifying and eliminating potential IT security risks, avoiding the need for costly bandwidth upgrades, optimizing end-user performance, and improving the access and response time of enterprise and cloud-based business applications.

To learn more about how Edgeworx works to improve network management and the end-user experience, please reach out to us at and follow @Edgeworxsolutionsinc on Linkedin.

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