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Building a faster information highway

On my drive into Toronto this week, I tuned into CBC's Digital Archive program Rewind with Michael Enright.

His program amazes me over and over again, with topics ranging far and wide. This week's episode was of special interest to me,. He selected a recording from October 4, 1993 talking about 'building a faster information highway'.

The program was called Morningside, the host at the time was Peter Gzowski, the guest, Pat Sampson, acting head of the CANARIE consortium.

Mr. Sampson's explanation of the super highway in 1993 and most interestingly his predictions for example that the current (1993) fibre optic highway used by Canarie may very well become a Fibre To The Home service in the future, is fascinating.

This and other extraordinary outlooks are in the broadcast link here. Please unwind while enjoying Rewind.

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