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Kentik Launches Global Channel Program to Meet Growing Demand for Network Traffic Intelligence

Kentik, the leader in network traffic intelligence, today announced the launch of a formal global channel program to meet increasing demand for network analytics that inform real-time business and technical operations decisions.

Kentik is the network traffic intelligence company. Kentik turns network traffic – billions of digital footprints – into real-time intelligence for both business and technical operations. Network operators, engineers, and security teams use Kentik to manage and optimize the performance, security, and potential of their networks and their business. The company was founded by network and big data technologists and executives from companies such as Akamai, CloudFlare, YouTube, and Netflix, with decades of experience in operations, architecture, and distributed systems.

Edgeworx is Kentik's key delivery partner. “At Edgeworx, we’ve always said ‘you can’t manage what you can’t see.’ We built our business to help organizations gain visibility within their infrastructure and applications through performance, scalability, and security posture. Kentik’s platform aligns exactly to our mission, and we look forward to working together,” said John McKerracher, president of Edgeworx, which provides network monitoring, application performance monitoring and security solutions to Canadian businesses.

More on Kentik can be found here

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