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Something is bogging down your network, you just don't know what it is yet.

A shocking statement for some of you, others may already know it but have put in the 'To Look At One Day' tray. Most just don't even want to know. The problem is that your network is being bogged down by all sorts of applications, recreational, business and even inappropriate traffic. The problem is that it's not going away. The problem is that it's growing as your reading this blog. The solution is to start measuring what's out there. Because you can only manage what you measure, right.

And that's exactly what we do at Edgeworx. We help our customers to get a clear, unobtrusive view of the local and wide area network infrastructure, the application landscape using this infrastructure, the usages, the users, the load, the time of day, the active directory user names, and, yes.... the bottlenecks and the root causes creating them. Using non-intrusive application and network performance monitoring tools we tap into your infrastructure, activate 24/7 packet capturing and compute network and application visibility graphs showing the layout of the application landscape. This layout allows us and our customer to make decision on how to allow resources to be used, when they are accessible and for whom. We can open YouTube for the training department and limited access during business hours to other staff, we can allow FaceBook for HR and minimize usage elsewhere, allowing HR to screen new candidates whilst improving workforce productivity. We can shelter your key business applications from being pushed aside by databackup jobs. FYI: the latter could pop up on your network unexpectedly and bog down your network and end user response time. Many things can be learned from measuring your IT infrastructure. Try us.

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