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Exabeam named as one of 38 enterprise startups that will boom in 2017, according to VC investors

2017 is almost here and Business Insider decided to once again time to predict which startups will take the tech industry by storm. They asked startup experts, the VCs that watch the industry, guide the startups, hear their pitches, and invest in them?

Our partner Exabeam was one of the identified 2017 companies to watch.

What Exabeam does: This is a security product that watches human behavior on the network to discover who is trying to hack or sabotage it. It can also be used in forensics after an attack.

Why it's hot: "The simplicity and user interface of Exabeam’s User Entity Behavior Analytics is a serious differentiator compared to the rest of the market. It’s amazing how easy it is to use. They have the ability to cut incident investigations down from w

hat would be days or weeks to literally minutes because of their data science approach to finding the threats. 2017will be a year where I expect Exabeam to really accelerate growth," Eschenbach says.

More on Business Insider's story, click here

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