A Definitive Staffing Experience

Company needs and IT projects change, requiring more flexible staffing solutions to meet the goals of today’s digital enterprises. At Edgeworx, our team has extensive experience in the delivery and management of IT consultants. From entry-level to senior executives, we have sourced and placed IT professionals across a wide range of verticals in North America.

Delivering IT Talent for the Digital Era

With 20+ years’ experience staffing contract and full-time placements, and extensive technology subject matter expertise in house, we have been in the thick of the IT evolution. Instead of recruiters that are new to the industry or have been sitting on the sidelines, we understand that technology is the single biggest driver of business success. We know because we have lived it.


Empowering agile, high-performing organizations requires professionals that are experts in the latest technologies shaping our digital world. We seek out and hire quality talent that has specialized experience to support your strategic efforts.

Never Pause Growth Again

The hiring process can be arduous and time-consuming. When this happens, it eats up business cycles and pushes back projects that enable growth.


As an innovative group of industry leaders, we have a keen understanding of how ramping up quickly can change the trajectory of your business. Whether you are looking to fill a single IT consultant role to deliver a project on time, or hire an entire team to rescue a project in jeopardy, Edgeworx is here to make it a smooth transition.

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Managing for Retention

Edgeworx knows that once you find the right talent, sometimes you want to hold on to them. That is why we offer the flexibility to help hire the technical resource on a permanent position after project completion.

Even if hiring a permanent position isn’t part of your roadmap, we give our contractors the family treatment so that they want to stick around. Unlike other staffing services that place talent and walk away, our professionals always have a home base at Edgeworx.


That means making sure they don’t feel like a lone wolf and providing them with resources like continuing education and including them in company dinners. By treating contractors as the individuals they are, we have found that we have not only the best talent, but the happiest for our clients.

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