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The Season of Giving

On behalf of our clients and business associates, Edgeworx has donated to Homewood Research Institute (HRI).

The HRI is an organization that puts our community first through invaluable initiatives geared towards bettering our community.

Homewood Research Institute (HRI) is an independent national charity dedicated to research that transforms mental health and addiction treatment in Canada and around the world.

HRI works with some of North America’s most influential scientists, researchers, and clinicians, coordinating efforts to advance a common goal: improving treatment to save lives.

Their approach is unique: HRI works in real-world treatment settings, putting research into action immediately. By merging research and practice, They're finding solutions that will help people sooner.

We at Edgeworx are proud to be able to do our part in helping others. This would not be possible without our trusted clients and business associates.

Happy Holidays and we look forward to continuing to give to organizations that are important to us and our community.


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