Cure Network Management Blues in 2019 With These Goals

The 1990’s--that glorious time when the release of the World Wide Web brought the internet into the homes and businesses of millions of people. It was a period of significant advancement in networking research and development in regards to high-speed routers and routing, and LANs--but it wasn’t without strife. The tech community was challenged to overcome stumbling blocks associated with securing and managing internet infrastructure. Then we hit about a 15-year lull, only to return back to a case of the network management blues.

Age Old Problems of the Network

Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and 5G didn’t exist when you actually had to spell out acronyms like LAN and WAN, but some of the same age old problems have hung around to plague the modern network. Mainly, the truth that how well you manage your network, will define the success of your business and revenue.

While decades ago network advancements presented new and exciting opportunities, as infrastructures have matured we’ve reached a boiling point in which every aspect of business operations relies firmly on efficient, secure, and integrated network management. In 2019, organizations have a chance to soar instead of stumble with goal setting as networks change faster than they have in decades.

Goal #1: Network Automation Through DevOps

According to a recent Kentik survey on the state of the network, automation was the most important network trend to organizations.

Although it reigned supreme, with the complexity of infrastructure growing so quickly, most businesses continue to be unprepared for full automation to manage network performance and security. The problem lies in the legacy networking hardware that doesn’t lend itself to automation.

Full automation takes substantial lift that organizations don’t necessarily have the resources allocated to achieve. In 2019, it behooves IT organizations to look outside their teams to experts in automation to ensure their technology stack is ready for networking advancements ahead.

Goal #2: Close Monitoring Gaps

A whopping 85.8% of respondents reported that they weren’t where they wanted to be for monitoring the performance and security of their cloud and internet dependencies (e.g. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, web APIs, DNS, web services). As businesses “cloudify,” new visibility gaps are created because most legacy systems don’t have the capabilities to monitor across distributed environments.

While there is a proliferation of tools and techniques to monitor and manage networks, the lack of integration means that businesses are still struggling to have a single source of truth that can show an end-to-end view of the network. Because of this, it is of utmost important to focus on implementing functional monitoring tools that promote a high-quality end-user experience, and faster issue identification and remediation before adopting new networking advancements.

Goal #3: Make the Importance of End-User Experience Equal to Security

Building off of the previous goal of closing monitoring gaps, organizations need to shift to the mindset that a poor end-user experience is just as bad as a data breach. While cybersecurity attacks may be core-rattling experiences, network incidents that reach the end user before IT is aware of them should elicit the same visceral response. With critical processes depending on the network, inefficient incident alerting and lengthy mean time to remediation can be just as devastating to business operations as an attack would be.

Another objective to address here and now: businesses need to place a greater emphasis on ensuring that availability, user experience, and ease of use for customers is considered when implementing network security and integrating monitoring that provides analytics that offer network insights within seconds.

Conquer Your Network Blues

If you are feeling the network management blues, don’t despair! The market offers plenty of exciting digital transformation opportunities, and vendors are more inspired than ever to solve the unique problems created by networking progress. So don’t shy away from improving your network. Instead, team up with Edgeworx and our network of partners to ensure you meet the goals that will take your business and infrastructure from static to metamorphic. Contact us today at +1.647.793.4731 to learn more!

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