What We Always Knew About Edge Computing

Eight years ago when John McKerracher, Colin Hales, and I came together to form Edgeworx Solutions, we didn’t know that “edge computing” would be such a major buzzword in 2019. Back then, the term didn’t exist. Even without a label, our combined years of industry experience meant we understood one overarching truth that would lead to the naming of our company -- the value of the infrastructure edge and its impact on the end-user experience.

Since day one, our mission was to assist customers in creating future-ready networks, while eliminating potential IT security risks and unnecessary costs that would limit technical and business potential. We’ve proudly partner with leading (edge) technology vendors to achieve these results and continue to grow with them as we navigate the cloud computing era, the unprecedented growth of data, and imminent impacts of network technologies like IoT and 5G.

Opportunity At the Edge

You may have read a quote from Gartner’s Tom Bittman that suggested edge computing would kill the cloud. In his exact words, “the edge will eat the cloud.” For nearly two years, this has been widely debated in the IT community.

The cloud isn’t perfect, but it does help achieve agility through economies of scale, automation of data processing, mass centralization, self-service, and more. The problem is, many enterprises still have not mastered cloud computing. Just as some are gaining their foothold, edge computing is nudging its way in to fix end-user experience challenges.

Between security concerns and latency, universal centralization isn’t always best. Although real-time data access has made great improvements, there has also been a proliferation of remote locations, creating more distance, IoT increasing data collected, and subsequent latency to transfer the data to overcome. The digital transformation is only increasing the complexity and forcing infrastructure to evolve at software speed.

Despite the lack of a formal edge computing definition, there is an opportunity to build on the premise of adding IoT and/or moving computing to the edge to foster collection, processing, collaboration, and openness that will accelerate today’s businesses.

From Concept to Reality

With edge computing becoming the next technology wave to be reckoned with, moving computing and data closer to the edge and end-users, the experience results in significantly improved throughput, performance, and real-time experience.

In real-world terms, this means:

  • Stronger Security - Edge processing decides on the essential traffic forwarded to the cloud or data center. By reducing the data traversal, it can shrink application attack surfaces, offering fewer opportunities for bad actors to infiltrate the core application stack.

  • Improved Application Performance - By processing within an edge device, applications won’t have to wait for cloud services to manage workloads and return responses.

  • Enables Multi-Cloud - Multi-cloud can be complex, but by validating end-user identities and enforcing API routing policies at the edge, it can insert intelligence to route traffic through the best path for cloud optimization.

  • True Elasticity and On-Demand Computing - While cloud is supposed to be the key to agility, edge computing finally decouples the awareness of infrastructure locality from application logic.

Almost a Decade in the Making

From relatively obscure concept, to one of the most significant technology disruptions of our time, Edgeworx Solutions has been rooted in the belief that the success of the end-user experience and the associated monitoring and reporting, relies on edge computing. In 2019 and beyond, we will continue to witness and take part in digital transformation efforts that will beg for the benefits of computing power not only in the cloud, but as close to the end-user as possible.

Given that there is no single edge or one type of edge computing, knowing exactly where you can inject agility benefits can seem like an insurmountable task. That’s why John, Colin, and I have built a team of seasoned consultants and engineers that are experts in tying together the latest technologies to deliver superior network performance. To learn more, contact us today at +1.647.793.4731.

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