The Costly Networking Mistake That You Might Be Making

When the end-user experience (EUX) is muddied and sluggish, what is your IT department’s reaction? First, there may be some finger pointing. The network team blames the application team, and vice-versa. Following that unproductive exercise, we’re seeing companies making patterns of costly mistakes over, and over, and you might be guilty of it too.

The root cause of network and application issues can be mysterious, and if you’re trying to revive performance, sometimes you’re willing to take drastic measures like upgrading your core switching backbone, adding more bandwidth, or upgrading servers and storage. While it’s not inherently bad to modernize any component of an infrastructure, if you lack the budget, and the issues of end-user response time aren’t because of infrastructure, the changes are futile.

Taking Steps Towards Analytics-Based Decision Making and Spending

When you think you “need” to invest in infrastructure, but don’t have the proof to back it up, it’s time for a wake-up call that you have a problem. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you structure a new approach to obtaining insights before making decision. It’s always best to look before you leap!

Let’s take it one step at a time:

  1. Admit You Don’t Know Your Network: The first step in recovering from harmful spending behavior is to recognize you have a problem. It’s not good enough to just assume that you need new infrastructure, you should be able to prove where the EUX issues are stemming from.

  2. Seek Help: Before you spend a penny, find a partner that provides granular visibility of the network and applications.

  3. Identify the Real Issue(s) and Challenge Service Level Agreements: Instead of fire-fighting issues, use end-to-end visibility with performance metrics, and change your ways by breaking down silos and detecting emerging performance issues before users are impacted. With the same metrics, you can also hold vendors and service providers accountable for their Service Level Agreements. With this visibility, you know you’re getting what you are paying for and have the arguments to claim credits for non-performance.

  4. Enjoy Cost Savings and Happy Users: With a single view of performance across the network, on-premise and cloud web-based applications, and EUX, you can feel confident in any future improvement spending that you have to make. Plus, end-users won’t be complaining about productivity barriers.

Empowering Network and Application Performance Management and Improvement with Visibility-as-a-Service

Most IT operations teams monitor their infrastructure independently, in organizational silos without end-to-end visibility. When issues arise, and they will, chaos ensues from chasing suspected problems in every direction. It’s time the make a change and empower network improvement decisions and management with Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS).

Instead of just guessing at problems and throwing away money, IT can use the intelligence provided by VaaS to know if replacing Core switches or adding more bandwidth to improve the EUX is even necessary and if so, justify the spend to senior management.

VaaS is also instrumental in root cause analysis to suggest necessary improvements that will save CapEx and OpEx, reduce tedious network configurations, and man hours. And, you can actually look forward to reducing the time that teams spend in war rooms fighting fires.

To achieve these conclusions, VaaS provides IT with information regarding WAN performance, QoS, traces pack loss, reports on real user application client-server sessions, and more. Since every infrastructure ecosystem is different, there are endless use cases for VaaS. The most appreciated benefit of VaaS is the “as-a-Service” part. In general you can expect:

  • A right-sizing of the visibility toolset

  • No CapEx investment -- you’ll only pay for the services consumed

  • Rapid deployment of visibility infrastructure with minimum complexity or risk

  • Single view of performance to break down silos

  • Increased speed to act and troubleshoot so you can focus on more important initiatives

  • Metrics reports for senior management and IT collaboration efforts

  • Scalability of visibility services to ensure agility required by business demands

Edgeworx provides VaaS and network assessments to ensure that customers are making changes to their networks that actually instills improvements, rather than creating a ripple of misconfiguration problems through applications, cloud, and end-user devices, and causing unnecessary investments.

If you’re about to make a costly network investment that you’re unsure about -- stop -- and give our team of experts a call at +1.647.793.4731. We’re ready to help you reduce costs, avoid unnecessary expenditures, increase ROI and performance with instant deployment of VaaS and our one-of-a-kind network assessments.

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