5 Benefits of Visibility as a Service

At the core of every successful digital workplace is an engaging and positive end-user experience (EUX). Despite IT professionals’ efforts to achieve this accomplishment, new technologies and cloud architectures are working against them, compounding the issues of an already convoluted digital ecosystem.

So what’s really holding back network professionals? Typically five reasons:

  1. Overabundance of data to analyze and correlate across the board.

  2. Unruly and disparate management and monitoring tools.

  3. Increasing amount of mobile workers with devices operating outside of IT’s sphere of control.

  4. No single source of network truth that can be shared amongst teams.

  5. Lack of holistic, end-to-end view of the user experience.

As on-premise applications are being replaced by cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments, traditional tools are often leaving IT departments with blind spots as they can’t truly visualize users’ end-to-end digital experience. Formally fast applications now are slow and sluggish in the cloud and everyone is starting to wonder -- what happened and who’s to blame? Then the blame game begins as the network team points to the application team, and vice versa.

SaaS needs a different approach to NPM and APM, it starts with Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS)

Fundamentals of Visibility-as-a-Service

Infrastructure isn’t simply technology. It’s the set of tools that overcome obstacles and empowers business. But how do you measure the impact, the performance of critical applications, speed, uptime, and security? That’s when you require VaaS.

The fundamentals of VaaS are based around rapid deployment of right-sized tool sets aiming to cross IT silos, ability to scale up or down, whilst reducing time and cost to resolve service violations. Using VaaS, granular visibility of the network and applications is available on-demand to ensure consistent performance and security of the application and network infrastructure at all times.

Since it’s a service, it doesn’t come “on its own.” VaaS is a managed service offering, bundled with people, processes, and technology. It applies runbooks describing workflow, plus integration and execution of business-focused analysis of application performance and/or one-time performance, or readiness assessment and deployment as part of a service desk solution.

With VaaS, IT organizations are now able to answer questions like:

  • What is my current performance baseline?

  • What impact did the move to the cloud have on my EUX?

  • Which KPIs inside my service component are (now) influencing my SLA?

  • How is my technology working, and does it align with my business goals?

  • How is the EUX performance? If there are disruptions, what are the sources?

  • Does my existing technology portfolio make financial sense?

Hitting the EUX Mark with Visibility Benefits

With industry-leading technologies and agile, agentless based Network Performance Management (NPM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM), organizations can increase insights and reduce troubleshooting without expending a tremendous amount of work and headcount.

For organizations using VaaS, there are extensive benefits:

  1. Proactive Monitoring and Management for Performance Quality - For CIOs and other IT leaders that are expected to deliver optimum performance for end users, monitoring is a vital element in shaping the overall IT strategy. With infrastructure monitoring, data benchmarks can be created to compare against, so that issues are easier to spot and mitigate.

  2. End-User Experience Improvement - As the network becomes more complex, one small change can throw off the entire ecosystem, and end-users will definitely let you know when they are feeling the ramifications. With VaaS, constant monitoring means detecting problems early and managing Quality of Service (QoS) before any major disruptions can occur.

  3. Data Driven Insights and Decisions - While data may have been available before, now more specific insights are not only available, but digestible. Having functional data means real-time troubleshooting with more time to do valuable tasks, identifying if network-based business systems are meeting service level agreements, and ensuring investments are being used effectively to meet business needs.

  4. Scalable Visibility, End-to-End - From across the cloud, to SaaS apps, and end-user experience, VaaS has rapidly deployed visibility without complexity or risk. Driving initiatives like the digital transformation (DX), VaaS scales with assets so that intelligence is available from every view.

  5. Single Source of Truth - Transparency and centralization are at the core of VaaS. For the end-user experience this is key since IT must be certain the data received is the same for all users.

Create Measurable Results for Your Company

Problems can happen anywhere -- end users devices, network, service, storage, or anywhere across the application tiers. It’s a matter of how organizations handle those issues in a cost-efficient and agile manner. That is why companies turn to Edgeworx for infrastructure performance monitoring and VaaS.

Using a quantitative approach, Edgeworx completes Network and Application Performance Assessments to provide objective analysis of key WAN/LAN network infrastructure, end-to-end mapping and visibility, and reports and analysis of flaws and performance issues with proactive recommendations. To learn more about how we can improve the health of your network, plus the technologies we recommend, contact us at +1.647.793.4731.

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