Cyber Security

Being prepared is critical; build a security-aware culture in your workplace.

What does it take?


Empower employees to become active members of the risk reduction team with tailored education and training.


Use leading-edge cyber intelligence platforms that combine BIG data, syslogs, AD/LDAP, DPI, real-time traffic inspection, endpoint monitoring, and intuitive analytics into a single, comprehensive solution.



Leverage proven technologies for 24/7 systems monitoring, hunting adversaries and automating timely response actions.

How can we help?

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"Edgeworx has built a reputation in the space of deep packet inspection and application traffic analysis. With the knowledge and insights gained, adding security threat services was only natural."


Edgeworx Transformational CISO Service

For a number of reasons, in-house cyber security resources can be hard to come by. Our collective need for focused cyber security staff has never been greater. At Edgeworx, we recognize the critical contribution of focused cyber security resources and have developed the Transformational CISO service to assist those without adequate access to dedicated staff.


Our service includes any or all of the key deliverables of CISO (chief information security officer):

  • Cyber security strategic planning.

  • 24/7 security monitoring - Security Operation Centre (SOC).

  • User security awareness and resiliency education and support.

Our team has the expertise to help you develop, deliver and maintain your custom corporate cyber security strategy. 


Protect your data and safeguard your corporate reputation.