edgeworx as a service

Change has become the new constant. Adapting IT Operations, Processes and Procedures to change is a challenge for many organizations. With over 20 years experience in the IT Industry, the core team at Edgeworx knows what it takes to identify, translate and convert your changing business goals into practical, viable, valuable solutions

Whether we assist your team with security or network architecture, assist during implementation, redesign your support and monitoring workflow, our skilled and trained engineers and consultants are available to help.

Application Performance  & Network Visibility

We know that your infrastructure isn’t just the technology you use. It’s also the way you employ your tools and the exact obstacles in your path.

Cloud Risk & Migration Services

Deploying Cloud-based solutions has become one of Edgeworx strongest areas of growth over the past few years. Edgeworx offers services and solutions that allow enterprise and service providers alike to successfully implement Cloud Enablement.

Security Threat Analysis & Protection

Detecting Threats is one matter, managing the discovery of threats is another key component of any security architecture. Our vulnerability assessment determines the weaknesses inherent in the systems that could be exploited leading to data information breach.

IT Architecture & Design

The way your applications and infrastructure perform directly impacts productivity, revenue, and costs. Our Design and Engineering practice is dedicated to helping our clients design and build network solutions in support of their strategic business initia­tives.