Infrastructure Monitoring by Edgeworx; Create Measurable Results for Your Company

"You can't manage what you can't measure" - an old management adage that's more appropriate today than ever before.

Edgeworx is the go-to team when you need infrastructure monitoring experts and technology. We know that your infrastructure isn't just the technology you use. It's the way you employ your tools and the exact obstacles in your path. We don't just recommend improvements - our customized service treats each business as if it were our own.
How do you measure the performance of critical applications - speed, uptime, security? Below some examples of how Edgeworx can help you. 

End User Performance Monitoring


End users expect instant and consistent access to their key applications - this means the ability to monitor and troubleshoot their unique experience. Whether users are local, overseas, or mobile, you must be able to monitor, troubleshoot, and compare their actual experience to stay ahead of problems. Let us take the trouble out of your troubleshooting.

Network & IT Infrastructure Monitoring


Your infrastructure and network deliver the applications that matter to your business.

Understanding dependencies between applications and network is essential in maintaining a high functioning experience. The network and device data provide all the necessary metrics to proactively monitor networks and IT infrastructure. 

Utilizing SIEM capabilities to track and alert against security or performance-impacting incidents.



Does your network and infrastructure scale to meet the increasing demands of your organization and customers? Data Centres and networks need to process increasing traffic and devices without impacting application performance.

Scalability answers the questions of increased traffic without adding costs per port or square meter.  Addressing scalability has several important considerations including systems, integration, automation, manageability, operations, and support.

Edgeworx helps with expert advice and lead edge technology solutions.




The way your applications perform directly impacts productivity, revenue, and costs. By optimizing your infrastructure, you'll reap significant returns and boost customer satisfaction. 


Application QoS

Looking to control and prioritize end users and applications for optimal traffic management?
What does this mean for you? Your overall network performance will increase while enhancing control and visibility to data centers, branch offices, the cloud, or on the go. WAN optimization is delivered through software, appliances or as a service (IaaS and SaaS).


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