SD-WAN Architecture 

Not sure where to start!

Edgeworx Solutions Inc has certified experts available to assist your business to define your SD-WAN requirements based on ROI objectives, current and future business workflows across the enterprise, and deliver a solution or service that fit your specific needs.  Edgeworx will ensure your business objectives are delivered to your satisfaction. 

SD-WAN Services

Managed SD-WAN Services for Enterprises / SMB

Is your business challenged with increasing CapEx demands for network appliances,  network connectivity complexity across on-prem and hybrid cloud, poor end-user experience locally and across the globe?  Edgeworx Solutions Inc has a solution for Enterprises  / SMB who need to simplify their IT operations, agile delivery of network services, reduce OpEx with NO CapEx, and improve the end-user overall experience. 

SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN solutions for DIY Enterprises /SMB

Edgeworx Solutions Inc has certified experts available to assist your IT team with deployment requirements of SD-WAN solutions based on our partners Fortinet and VMware (Velocloud).  Edgeworx will work directly with your Enterprise / SMB team to ensure the right products and services are delivered to meet your teams' objectives no matter how big or small the project.

UCaaS / CaaS Services

Need to replace your PBX or improve Customer Service at your business? 

Edgeworx Solutions Inc has partnered with world-leading partners to ensure your business will transform easily over to a UCaaS / CaaS service that best fits your specific needs.

  • SD-WAN Overview

    SD-WAN is fundamentally about efficiency. It comes down to giving the people who work for you the tools they need to compete and win on a global stage – the ultimate responsibility of upper management. It touches your customers too – in a situation where network capacity becomes limited for whatever reason, SD-WAN gives you the power to prioritize bandwidth, ensuring that the applications most critical to customer experience don’t skip a beat.


    Software-Defined - Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a combination of technologies designed to offer a simpler approach to the WAN. It’s being driven largely by the decreasing cost of bandwidth and the increase in cloud applications that reside outside of the legacy data centre. SD-WAN can be deployed over existing WAN connections, whether they are Internet (DIA, broadband, LTE) or private (MPLS, private line), in order to create a secure, private, fully meshed network. It offers simplified management, quicker turnup, better application performance, improved resiliency, and cost savings when compared to traditional approaches. Providers Edgeworx Solutions Inc has curated a portfolio of SD-WAN providers that include all of the market-leading providers for both DIY or fully managed WAN services. 


    • Cost savings vs. expensive private networks

    • Decreasing cost of Internet bandwidth

    • Improved performance for cloud applications

    • Increased resiliency and uptime across the entire network

    • Simplified network management, especially at branch sites

    • Drastically shorter time to deploy new locations


    Desired Network

    • What is the goal of your SD-WAN project, in your own words?

    • Why are you looking at SD-WAN?

    • Desired SD-WAN Setup

    • Do you need to source new circuits at some or all sites?


    • Which applications are hosted in your data centre?

    • Which applications are hosted in the cloud?

    • Which applications are most mission-critical to your business?

    • Current Cloud Services

    SD_WAN Features

    • Do you need WAN Optimization?

    • Do you require High Availability (HA) for the SD-WAN device?

    Managed Services

    • Desired Managed Services for SD-WAN

    • Do you want to bundle network and SD-WAN from one provider?

  • SD-WAN Assessment

    Great place to Start!

    • Are you running into challenges with your legacy WAN architecture? Demystify your WAN edge with a Secure #SDWAN Assessment. 

    • Trying to more securely interconnect your branch offices? Get a Secure #SDWAN Assessment to discover your vulnerabilities and get protected.

    • Get visibility into your application usage, security posture, and bandwidth utilization with a Secure #SDWAN Assessment. 

    • Is your security posture strong enough at branch locations as you increase cloud connectivity? Find out with a Secure #SDWAN Assessment.

  • SD-WAN Interactive Quick Assessments

    Find an SD-WAN fit

    • Take an Edgeworx Self Assessment by answers some key questions based on your present and future Enterprise network needs.

  • SD-WAN Support Services

    SD-WAN Staffing Support

    • Edgeworx Solutions Inc has certified professionals to support SD-WAN projects or designs to ensure a Secure and cost-effective SD-WAN solution is delivered to meet your specific requirements. 

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